The possibilities of tone mapping.

My second true HDR photo...oh there will be more.

My first true HDR photo...oh there will be more.

This picture is not like a raven or a writing desk.

House and SkySouth Park, CO.

Horses Without Names"It felt good to be out of the rain."

One Fateful ValleyAnother in the "One Fateful" series. Part of the album art.

SkySomewhere on the path from earth to space...we stopped for snacks.

Colorado ValleyOver sixty images in one 360 degree picture at N 39degrees 17.461' and W 105degrees 51.209' at 9669Ft elevation. After clicking on the picture you can zoom in and scroll side-to-side.

One Fateful DayAs much work as it took to get this photo, I count it all joy.

Baby on TorsoThe title speaks for itself.

Old WatcherThis tree sits on the side of a hill in the mountains of Colorado.

Porcelain GodA toilet I used and was captivated by its beauty.

Atlanta AirportThe eye of the storm

BlueBus ride from London to Newcastle

CityframeName that city.

My SisterMy sister has beautiful eyes.

EyehandSame tune as Baby on Torso

CitystreetSometimes you have to stop on the highway and take some pictures.

The CowWhere would we be without cows? Photographically deficient.

Dropping LibertyAs I was leaving Newcastle for Scotland to eventually take the "Sad Mountain" series, I saw these.

NukeThese were taken shortly after the US invaded Iraq the second time.

Toy SoldierI wish I knew who the people were that were creative enough to make these.

TravelingIts a little difficult to take pictures as you drive.

Leaving Your Luggage UnattendedAgain, this one speaks for itself.

House on The PrarieOn the way back from the Rockies...I saw this house in the distance on interstate I-70.

MoonWalking through an ally.

Motion I

Motion II

Motion III

Motion IV

Motion V

Motion VI

Motion IX

Motion X

Motion XI

Motion XII

OceanMe and my sister at an aquarium.


Death of a PolicemanHis car was rearended as he was stopped. He burned inside his squad car. The policemen did not initally appreciate the fact that I was taking pictures of this. I explained that I meant no harm.

Powerlines II only have 2 in this series.

Powerlines II

RuthI wonder who Ruth was.

Sad Mountain IThe mountains of Scotland. I was very cold but it was so beautiful.

Sad Mountain IIThis may be my favorite picture, I don't know.


The AggresorI call this one "The Aggresor" because these waves destroyed my camera.


Where I RunI took this series when I was a very new photographer (I only have this one included). But I still like them.

WindowpaintI painted the window on the other end of my dormroom in Newcastle. I was subsequently reported by the staff and told to remove my windowpaint.

WoodsAnother photo I did with Arris Ray while after we had taken the "One Fateful Day" pic.

Aunt MaryI have a whole slew of these projection pictures that I did with Arris Ray. I'll have to work on them in the future.