Oct 10, 2009 - At some point, momentum ended  (4:22) - an album track
high quality mp3 - This one was alot of fun to make. It was made almost entirely on the daily communte to work on the bus.

Music Nerd Stuff:
This particular project is another track on the One Fateful Day album that was a lot of fun to make. The following was used: 1. A completely different mixing technique. 2. Very different VST instruments with a few exceptions. 3. Good advice. I have been separating my instruments by the frequencies they produce, and then placing side-chain compression on each of the groups of frequencies so they can be rapidly attenuate each other in real-time. Make sense? Sorry, let me repharase. For example, if my goal is to hear the kick drum very accurately and loudly through the entire song I will place a compressor in the strings section that only listens to the bass drum. Bump, bump, bump – with every bump the strings volume is lowered at approximately the same degree as the kick drum increases. This technique, called "ducking", I've known about for a good while but I'd never really gotten it to work in a useful way, that is, until my friend Eduardo Pesante (a phenomenal up-and-coming composer/DJ) listened my first mix of this song and suggested using it on this track. He tells me that this technique has blown up in France and you can hear it in almost any French House track out there. Listen to some or any Daft Punk and you can hear this PUMPH PUMPH PUMPH sound. It makes you want to bounce a bit, I must admit. The Daft Punk sound was not what I was going for on this one, so I made the attack and release (the onset and duration) as fast as it could go. In other words, I wanted the effect only to be there as little as possible in in terms of time. This way (I think...) the instruments almost don't sound like they're being ducked.

Another thing I did was add higher frequencies to sounds that I wouldn't normally at all, like the kick drum. I tried to do it so that it didn't sound plinky in my bassy studio monitors yet you could tell what was being attempted in the lower frequencies on my laptop computer speakers. Before, the lower end in my songs was completely absent on speakers that couldn't produce sounds lower than ~100Hz (like my laptop speakers). And if you've got the speakers for it, I put a whole lot into the low end. I've always had a love affair with bass.

Also, I added a TON of digital to analogue compression for certain instruments like the bass. It makes it sound like its going through a tube amplifier, and heck, almost like a real bass guitar. Yet you can still tell its a digital instrument.

May 17, 2009 - Harp Duet Ringtone - It's cute.
Long - This one is untrimmed with a long decay at the end so that you can trim it down to any length you want for your phone.
Short - This one is trimmed down to a length that works well on my phone. Enjoy!

March 22, 2009 - Briskly walking to a now forgotten destination,  (5:19) high quality mp3    As I said with my last song, I say again that I don't believe I have worked harder on any other single production. You don't want to know how many real-time hours I've spent on it or how many times I've gone back over it, gotten feedback, then changed this or that. I keep wondering when I will be efficient enough with my tools that this will get faster. I have realized this is much better to have a whole day dedicated to music rather than a few hours here or there. How do you make a good flowing melody when you have to set it down several times? It's not efficient. The only really productive times I've had are on the occasional weekend or on vacation. The songs are getting much more complex and I'm using goofy time-signatures, which is a big factor.

April 27, 2008 - when I walked squarely into a lamp post.  (4:31) high quality mp3 I think you will be able to see that I spent more time on this one than most. Also, I've never used the piano before in computer music and I'm thus-far pleased with the outcome. Don't be afraid of the volume knob on this song..there is alot going on in the background. Who knows I may some day learn how to master songs like a...master? I mistakenly assumed in my "youth" that if it sounds good in my earphones, it must sound as good coming through an FM frequency, ipod, etc. It does not. Professionally mastering sound is an esoteric art of its own and the adept charge big bucks.

April 27, 2008 - Ringtone For Babies  (0:11) high quality mp3 Here is a symphony and piano ringtone I made for my little boy. It's an instrumental rendition of a song I sing to him...its a "theme song" for 3 month olds, if you will. I cant tell if he likes it. At least it doesn't make him cry. I think thats about all you can ask for at this point.

Feb 05, 2008 - Acid Fast Stain  (5:56) high quality mp3 This song is.....umm. I don't know to say about it. I made it in 2006 I think.

Feb 05, 2008 - Hmm  (4:10) high quality mp3 This song is a very old one. I can't remember when I did it but I think it was in the mid to late 90s on Fruity Loops. I still dig it. Very bassy, synthetic, and ethereal. I remember considering naming after a character in Lord of the Rings. Thank all that is good and fat-free that I didn't. I just love the 404 in this song.....the portamento calls to me.

Jan 13, 2007 - Favorite Things  (3:46) high / med     An old glitch-poppy song (Late 2003) that I have expanded a bit with some new variations. This one was made entirely in Fruity Loops.

July 1, 2006 - Things I'd Rather Forget  (1:41) high / med / low     A small sample of this song bringing in some guitar and voice. It's much along the lines of stuff I've been doing lately (Mid 2006).

May 21, 2006 - My Friend Said  (6:24) high / med / low     This song is one of my favorites. It brings together some of the new methods that ive been toying with lately. (Late 2005)


Stay tuned folks! I update these individual songs and add new ones as often as I can. I'm neck deep in a project for a production company at the moment (Jan 08 to who knows).



       The Sallyhoochee Project
            Sally is the world's premiere journalist.
            Sally does not believe in "off the record."
            Sally will get the facts...and dang it, you want them.
            ....Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you The Sallyhoochee Project

                 --Much thanks for Boards of Canada's music and Arris Ray for his excellent etiting and flash skills in this one.

       The Day I Died

            This is my first effort at time lapse photography with music by Arris Ray.

            ...and some touches of my own.

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                 --Much thanks to Ted Kinsman and his FAQ on how to make this stuff.

Artists that I Know

       Drizno a.k.a. Drizzy Sparks

            I've known this guy since back in the day. Very talented DJ and producer.
            This is the only complete song I have of His right now. I'll make sure to get more.

       Fifty Dollar Dynasty

            I've known Kyle Allen - the lead singer of this band - since he was 12 or 13. He taught me how to play guitar and we were in a band together in Texas, along with his brother Russ. We were known as Critical Mass. The band was Kyle Allen, Russ Allen (brothers) and I. Our “thing” was a 3 part harmony with 3 acoustic guitars. If we did something right - predominantly via Kyle Allen’s orchestration - was the interweaving of the three harmonies in complex and beautiful ways. We had a local following amongst 14-18 y/o local high school women; which depending on your perspective and age, could be a good or bad thing. At the time I was trying to devote my life to the pursuit of some sort of meaning, maybe even an income in music. I was not successful at either. The idea that we would cut an album in a month and subsequently be famous in another six months was a steady painful disillusionment. Therefore, I had to leave a wonderful group of friends to go home and go to school and salvage some sort of future for any given child that I might sire. I returned to my home and reenacted my undergraduate education. My companions, Russ and Kyle continued the fight as the name Rune with Russ and Kyle as lead singers and Tye Rollin Stone as lead guitar and a bassist and drummer. They released an album that did not fly in a broad sense but the band had a good local following. Their third and very powerful effort is Fifty Dollar Dynasty. Kyle Allen is the only lead singer in this one, Tye Stone again as lead guitar. As I listen to their music, I can see a stepwise increase in maturity and dynamic in Kyle’s songwriting. His voice, flawless in key and tambre, is complimented well by his songwriting and the other talented musicians. If your genre of choice isn’t Hard Rock, you can still appreciate what this band offers, in my opinion. You should spend some time to listen to these recordings.

Their myspace page can be found HERE.

Bag In My Shoe
Dimmer Lit
The Day You Came
Your Glow

Here is the garageband profile of Kyle Allen and Russ Allen's old band, named Rune. Though they do not exist as a band anymore, you can listen to the music and see how their songs ranked very well in competion.


A local Charleston Band that played a show on Nov 22, 2009. They were kind to ask me to play some songs so I pulled my wife's bass and amp out of my attic and managed to play a few cover songs on their set.

Nerd stuff:
Mixed with 2/3 crowd mic and 1/3 straight from master board.
Used anticipatory noise cancellation for 60cycle (alternating current) line noise from the board feed. Pre-equed with ~+5db bass boost at approximately 120Hz with a wideish "Q."
The Master bus has a high fidelity 24 bit multimaximization limiter for a -0.5db headroom so it should play reasonably well on most speakers.
Finally Pow-R 3 dithered for 16 bit compression for idealization of mp3 compression.

Unfortunately the piano at the first song was way over-modulated so neither data source could entirely eliminate it.

Set 1
Set 2