My name is Mark and my musical effort is analogous to the origin of the name "amrk". Due to my dyslexia, for a short time I had difficulty typing “mark” and it came out “amrk” on a regular basis. To my bemusement, people began to call me amrk. It took me a while to catch on to what was going on. It seems that much of writing music on computers involves being attentive to those simple annoying mistakes that somehow work better than the original intent. Maybe amrk will summate enough mistakes into a product that doesn’t sound as annoying as my paranoia warrents…for that I hitherto, therefore, ergo and sincerely hope.

As long as I’m living I plan to be making music in some fashion. I’m perpetually open to comments, ideas, ultimatums, epiphanies, etc. Email me at amrk (at) amrk (dot) net. I check my email regularly and am likely to respond.